Burnmoor Lodge Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some frequently asked questions

What is Burnmoor Lodge?

Originally a 19th Century hunting lodge, Burnmoor Lodge spent the latter half of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st as the property of two generations of the Foote family, who used it variously as a holiday cottage for family and friends and as a base for volunteer-run youth activities. Since 2012, the Lodge has been the club hut of the Burnmoor Lodge Club.

What is the Burnmoor Lodge Club?

See this page, describing the history of the club.

How do I join the Burnmoor Lodge Club?

At present we have a requirement that all prospective members must have stayed overnight at Burnmoor Lodge on two separate occasions before applying to become a member. If you meet this requirement or you would like the club committee to make an exception for you, then please contact the secretary for a membership form. One other restriction: unfortunately, membership of the club is only open to adults.

How do I book or stay at Burnmoor Lodge?

At the moment only club members can book Burnmoor Lodge, so you must either join the club or be invited to join a trip booked by an existing member.

What activities does the club organise?

At present, the club does not organise any official activities, other than annual general meetings and working parties to carry out repairs and improvements to the Lodge. The committee is always open to suggestions from members who are willing to organise activities or events, however.

What kinds of people join the Burnmoor Lodge Club?

People join the club because they subscribe to one or more of the club’s aims. Many of the existing members were regular visitors to Burnmoor Lodge long before the establishment of the club, and have joined in order to help secure the future of the Lodge for themselves or others. We have adult members of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds.

I’ve been invited to stay at Burnmoor Lodge – what should I expect?

Basic mountain hut facilities in a beautiful, isolated location. You will need a torch, a sleeping bag, strong walking shoes or boots, waterproofs, and a willingness and ability to walk 2-3 miles (mostly on footpaths or bridleways across rough moorland) to get to and from the Lodge. The organiser of your trip should let you know if you need to take anything else that’s specific to your visit, or a contribution to the group’s supplies. They should also let you know about the club’s overnight fees for non-members.