Burnmoor Lodge Club

The Committee

Dave Glover

Dave Glover is the club Secretary. He's been visiting for longer than he can remember, and loves it so much he even got engaged on Scafell.

Lewis Johnston

Lewis is a keen climber and fell runner and has been visiting to the lodge since 2015 and part of the committee since 2018.

Paul Linford
Web Content Officer

Paul Linford is a journalist and digital publisher who lives and works in Derbyshire. Paul first came to Burnmoor in 1993 and has been a regular visitor ever since.

Jonathan Foote

Jonathan Foote has been visiting Burnmoor Lodge since 1958 (or possibly 1957), owner since 1988, and specialises in carrying strange loads across the moor. He is currently "President" of the Club, which means that he can continue to poke his nose into everyone else's affairs.

Richard Glover
Committee Member

Richard Glover - former maintenance officer - was introduced to Burnmoor Lodge in the early sixties. He has subsequently spent many hours on and under the roof, accompanied by Tilley lamps, attempting to keep the wet out. He has also helped convey various strange loads across the moors by day and night. His great desire is to see the Lodge gradually returned to a better state of repair and used to encourage young people to appreciate the beauty of creation.

Ian Ambrose
Safety Officer

If Gill hadn’t married me and Heather Jonathan I wouldn’t be doing this! As it is this family connection has provided me with the perfect walking and climbing bolt hole – just ask the children. My current objective is to ensure that the Lodge meets the relevant safety requirements to continue to give pleasure to our next generation of walkers, climbers and those who just love being there.

Stephen Jolly

Stephen has been visiting Burnmoor Lodge since he was a child, and now enjoys taking his own children there. He has served on the committee in a variety of roles since the foundation of the club, and tries to contribute to the maintenance of the Lodge in a number of ways, but particularly when minor woodworking or major electrical work are called for.

Sue Lyth
Committee Member

Sue is a keen mountaineer and cyclist. She also enjoys open water swimming. Her first visit to the lodge involved swimming across the tarn to try to impress the club president.

Maintenance Officer
David Williamson

David has been visiting the lodge since 2021. He is a keen walker and mountaineer amongst other outdoor pursuits. His aim is to support the Club and improve the lodge so it can be enjoyed by everyone who visits.