Burnmoor Lodge Club

Club Aims

The aims set out by the Burnmoor Lodge Club

The Burnmoor Lodge Club was primarily set up in order to safeguard the future of Burnmoor Lodge and to increase its use. Though it has to be said that it is a rather ugly building, it would not become more attractive for a very long time if it was allowed to decay into a ruin. The Club's founder members are mostly people with a long history of visiting the Lodge, some for nearly 60 years. It is hoped that more people will be regularly involved in managing and maintaining Burnmoor Lodge, and that by increasing the membership of the Club, more people will book and visit it. The reasons people are fond of Burnmoor Lodge vary. For some, it is a base for much of the best hill walking in England, and for rock climbs and winter climbs. For some, it is the surrounding tarns, becks and gills that are the main attraction. It is also a place to potter about, or to do small or large maintenance projects. It is somewhere to recover from the stress and anxiety of life. All of us appreciate the location, the constantly changing lighting and atmospheric conditions, the remoteness from civilisation, the quietness. Early and late on a fine day, when the texture of the hills is picked out by the sun low in the sky, when most walkers are down in the valleys, there is a profound peace. At other times the weather is wild and Burnmoor Lodge provides shelter in the midst of wet and wind. The contrasting valleys of Eskdale, Wasdale and Miterdale are full of interest, and visitors to the Lodge experience them and the moorland in between in all seasons, at all times of day and night, and in all weather conditions. Out of these experiences come the aims of the Club:

  • to encourage appreciation of beautiful, wild and remote places;
  • to enable increased use of Burnmoor Lodge;
  • to maintain Burnmoor Lodge as a base for all kinds of activities which are in harmony with its surroundings;
  • to allow people the opportunity to improve their mental, spiritual and physical health by escaping for a while from the noise and busyness of their everyday lives;
  • to promote active enjoyment of the hills, including mountaineering, wild swimming, hill walking and photography;
  • to contribute positively to the local community and economy.